The Year

Our SeniorMentor

The true secret to genius is in his creativity,Not in his technical mechanics. You are not a mechanic.You have been trained not to think but to do.

- Prashaant


The batch 2018 - 2019


Our Engineers

  • Mithun S R

    Captain, Brakes Lead

    Mithun S R
  • Joshua K Benny

    Vice-captain, Steering lead

    Joshua K Benny
  • Gokul pradeep D

    CTO / Design, Powertrain

    Gokul pradeep D
  • Sanjeev

    Manager / Suspension Lead

  • Ramesh Rajesh

    Manager / Drivetrain Lead

    Ramesh Rajesh
  • Shanmuga Dhas T S

    Treasurer / Design,Suspension

    Shanmuga Dhas T S
  • Suresh Kumar R

    Powertrain Lead

    Suresh Kumar R
  • S.Uppili Sriram

    Engineer / Drivetrain

    S.Uppili Sriram
  • Suganth Saravanan M

    Design Lead / Design

    Suganth Saravanan M
  • Ajay Govindarajan G J

    Engineer / Powertrain

    Ajay Govindarajan G J
  • Muhammad Zishan P.R

    Material Study Lead / Brakes,Powertrain,Design

    Muhammad Zishan P.R
  • Vignesh P

    Engineer / Suspension

    Vignesh P
  • Balaji R

    Engineer / Design

    Balaji R
  • Karthik S

    Engineer / Suspension

    Karthik S
  • Bharath Kumar S

    Sponsorship Lead / Powertrain

    Bharath Kumar S
  • Mithun Krishnan R

    Engineer / Brakes

    Mithun Krishnan R
  • Rajapandian N

    Engineer / Steering

    Rajapandian N
  • Venkata Krishnan B

    Engineer / Steering

    Venkata Krishnan B
  • Sheik Meeran Rasheed A

    Engineer / Drivetrain

    Sheik Meeran Rasheed A
  • Prasanth

    Engineer / Steering

  • Anish Prabu R R

    Engineer / Brakes

    Anish Prabu R R
  • Sudharsan Ananth

    Engineer / Drivetrain

    Sudharsan Ananth
  • Ankit S Shenoy

    Engineer / Design, Drivetrain

    Ankit S Shenoy
  • Manoj Kumar A

    Engineer / Brakes

    Manoj Kumar A
  • Vignesh K

    Engineer / Powertrain

    Vignesh K