Who We Are

The harder the Struggle, the more glorious the triumph

The TEAM TRAXION from the SVCE Motorsport Division, represents the college in the Formula Bharat, Supra SAE India competition. This is a group of talented and aspiring engineers who have come together to achieve one goal, to create something unique and extraordinary.

About About

Mission & Vision

By competing in one of the biggest engineering competitions held in India, we seek to experience an atmosphere where we can push ourselves and our car to the limit. Having raked up a years experience, we are aiming at a stronger showing in the dynamic events this year and competing with the best in the country. The passion for high performance engineering and drive to compete against the best is shared by everyone in the team and pushes us to build something special.

Why Choose

Company Recognition

Your company will gain national recognition through your logo displayed on our car, promotional items, team apparels and leaflets. .

Building Relationship

Being involved with The Team Traxion will give your company the opportunity to be involved with some of the most motivated and talented graduates and undergraduates in the country.

Flexible Sponsorship Package

Every sponsor has something different to offer the team and varied priorities for what we can provide in return. We have therefore put together a flexible sponsorship package which includes different options of logo prominence and involvement with the team, along with specific team members working with you to ensure the partnership is beneficial to both the parties.


Positive action combined with positive thinking results in success and we have just that.


Once something is a passion, the motivation is there. And we are very very passionate about what we do.


If there’s a way to do it better, we’ll find it.


We are more family than a team and that makes us unstoppable.

Our Track
Buddh International Circuit

Formula One racing's governing body, the FIA, had announced the inclusion of the Indian Grand Prix for 30 October 2011 Estimated to cost about ₹20 billion ($400 million) to build, the circuit has an approximate length of 5.13 km and is spread over an area of 874 acres (354ha) and is another creation of Hermann Tilke. The circuit was officially inaugurated on 18 October 2011 just about two weeks before the first race. The seating capacity is initially expected to be 110,000 with provisions to increase it to 200,000 later on.

Kari motor speedway

Kari Motor Speedway is a purpose built Formula 3 auto racing circuit or race track, located in Chettipalayam, Coimbatore, India. The 2.1 kilometres (1.3 mi) long track was inaugurated in 2003. The track regularly conducts the National Championship races for go-karts, motorcycle road racing and formula racing events. The track is also approved by the CIK and FIA to hold races up to the Formula 3 category.

Our Process